Zebra really crosses the lion

You cannot miss this video because in this video you can see the loser face of this lion who tried to hunt the zebra but this zebra crossing works,

we mean that  Zebra  sharply narrowly escapes from lion  and the lion is like ok I just tried my best and you know no the zebra really crossed be  better than anything

zebra crossing

And Do you know why this happened like this?  first thing it happened because of the zebra colour lion can easily get distracted from this colour and

you know the colour black and white mixture and one more thing never forget that loyal had this strong

focus but here is a bra had one good capacity or you can say a this speciality that it is colour so he wins here.

this video was uploaded in KIAMA entha YouTube channel and let us know what is your reaction in the below in comment section. 

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