You throw the ball and you will win but how

We all like to throw the ball in order to to win but it’s not always easy you need to be very skilful or you need to be champion or you need very good practice on this game so what

you will do if you want to really win this game so in this video which is probably scripted we think aur according to the comments in this video this is some kind of bowling machine but

You throw the ball  and you will win but how

here you can see when this girl throws the ball someone from the inside the tunnel help her to achieve her goal and this is very unexpected to few people who don’t know about this

bowling machine game they may think some kind of spirit is helping her but let us inform you that this could be scripted video in order to just should a real or a YouTube short or

else according to the comments in video few people help us to understand it one user comment like this

Bro that looks like an SCP, the bowling alley you’ll never loose a game-
What do you think what was that are you aware of this kind of bowling machine If as let us

know in the comments section below and let others also get to know about this. we have mentioned this video below you can watch this video right now.

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