What happens to your luggage at the Airport

We can always be curious for the things happen in our life for example this man Colby Who is a vlogger  who is curious about the luggages which we we give to airport so what the curious this man has

he is curious about what happens to our luggages when we give to the airport staff to know that he had kept the hidden camera as you can see in the video and you can check out

what is happening here he simply she is that it the luggage is traveling throughout the treadmill and that’s it so people commented that they need part 2 for this video

What happens to your luggage at the Airport

because we can just see the back of the leg it is just travelling from one destination to another destination probably waiting there is nothing special on this to check out what happens to our luggage but this is some kind of curiosity

we all have so this video will clear your curiosity on what happens to your luggage at the airport what do you think is this right way to know?

no or you have any other option are you not even interested to know about this let us know what is your reaction on this video and you can check out colby  e YouTube channel and enjoy more videos like this.

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