Viral video Run or die

We heard about king of jungle but do you know who is the king of Pond?

Apparently we all say this Lion is king of jungle and because we have so many reason and so many psychology behind this but it is not even prove that lion is really king of jungle by Time passed it became so much famous on this that lion is king of jungle.

So in this we are not talking about  dry land of jungle we are talking about the pond of crocodile you must always heard that crocodile  home is pond.

but you know whenever any animal who feels  Thirsty  they don’t go to  fridge and open up and have a water bottle they need to go near pond and fill up their thirstiness So this is the time when the king of pond comes in action

Viral video Run or die

and in this short video you will watch that action you can see no one knows what is going on the silent before the action is so much dangerous you can see that deer is  enjoying And the crocodile who is king of pond come slowly without making any noise and

he gave a sudden Heart Attack to the deer,  however this time   escape from crocodile but this shows that there is so much of danger for animal who drink water near the pound so that’s the reason Deer says I am escaped what about you to other animals.

This video was uploaded in YouTube channel and it has likes so let us know what is your reaction below in the comments section and we have mentioned this video Below you can watch and tell us your are reaction. 

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