im not the king

We all know that lion is king of jungle why we call him the king of jungle because of his raw power and strength but unfortunately lion is also so scared of  one Animal and you know who’s that if we go with this Jungle psychology many people had  witnessed that Lions worst enemy is Hyena.

but we are talking not about lions enemy what we are talking about lions biggest fear.

In this particular video you can see one big animal who is known as elephant come with one kind of pride it’s  like elephant don’t even care who is around but you can see in the short video that one of the dangerous creature of the Jungle that is Lion and his family are sitting around there

Viral video of Lion’s fear

but this elephant comes with the pride and bold attitude and you can see one by one the whole family of Lion is going away from that place it’s like

they are just welcoming the king in the red carpet but here the king is the big size elephant so you can see how easily lion get his biggest fear in this Jungle.

although lion don’t miss any kind of hunting but this time after seeing and witnessing his biggest fear lion live the place with his family and with his  scared attitude. so what do you think is this right to say that lion also have the fear ?

let us know in the comments section below and this video was uploaded to the Lion-wild King YouTube channel.

For your convenient We have mentioned video below You can play right now!

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