Unexpected Cycle accident in Usa

This incident in which guy is cycling on a road is getting viral as he gets hit by a fast moving vehicle.

This has been recorded camera of car also moving while the guy is cycling. This incident took place in USA.

Luckily the rider on the cycle hasn’t got any serious damage as you can see in the video.

The vehicle came so fast from behind the driver couldn’t tell what had happened at the moment.

He was in the state of complete shock and the cycle had been damaged As it is a good exercise to cycle everyday

Unexpected Cycle accident in Usa

but we need to be careful on the road while cycling safety is becoming one of the most primary concern and

we need to be more and more careful while driving for the welfare of our physical health this is a short video

which was recorded on camera and is getting viral as you can see by its looks careless driving and cycling needs to be addressed as it is a major concern have everyone

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