This dog can’t act like dead

Photoshoots are really hard because you cannot satisfy yourself until you get a perfect shot we human beings really e struggle for this one perfect shot

but have you imagined what if you need to capture any dogs photoshoot you may think this is really easy you need to just open your camera and click out the photo

but my friend task is the dog must be in a position where he is shown has dead in the photo And you know it’s really hard to ask your dog To act like dead dog

so this is the struggle which you will see in this short video this is really e funny also at the same time because dog is not understanding what’s going on and

This dog can’t act like dead

just see how crazy position dog is giving for a photoshoot so let us know How you will convince this is dog to give the desired position for the photoshoot

let us know your opinion in the comment section below and this video was uploaded in Brodie that Dood YouTube channel and it has 30k likes

so we have mentioned this video below you can watch it right now.

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