Stylish bird scares and warns Big bird

Damn this small bird scared the robin away! have you ever seen a small bird scaring the big bird?

In this viral video you can watch a small nuthatch is scaring the robin to get away from the birds feeder it’s using its wings and it’s body to scare the robin away it moves in motion and displays threat towards the bird in order

Stylish bird scares and warns Big bird

to gain dominance this kind of confidence is rare to see in a nuthatch in this short video you will be really amazed to see how a nutHatch is using its body cooking control over it’s feeding area

this video is published on viral hog channel which provide similar content of different kinds it is one of the popular channels which has more than 3.6 million subscribers trust me

you will be amazed to see this bird asserting its dominance over the other bird you can find this video on the channel and like it and comment if you find it interesting and amazing

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