Shall we cry or laugh

We usually get chocolates from our mother sometimes these chocolates are sweet and sometimes this chocolates are hot we all have sweet chocolates and also this hot chocolate what do you mean by this hot chocolate can chocolates be hot yes remember when was the last time you had got beaten by your mum that slap is still in your mind however mum love as best love in this world

we are not telling that mum only likes to slap us and sometime we will be so naughty e so that we need some hot chocolate in the short video you can see this monkey kid was really troubling this mother so you know the mother gave a hot chocolate and

Shall we cry or laugh

finally she was crying it was quite confusing for us because the way he was crying it was raising sympathy for him and at the same time it was really funny to look at his expressions we all cry in this we write how relatable we are from this Monkey Kid

you like to know your reaction and we would  like to know what was your last time when you had your hot chocolate from your mum?  and let us know what is your reaction below this video was uploaded in Kokee 543 YouTube channel and we have mentioned this video below you can check out right now.

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