real example of copy cat

We always said sometimes with our friends that you are copycat because they are exactly copy what we do sometimes it could be in exams

they just copy your answer sheets or anything they could copy exactly e without any difference so you probably call them as copycat has this name has become very famous

but we have never seen the real copycat but in this viral video of the day you will be looking out the real copycat so we have mentioned this video below you can also watch and to

real example of copy cat

describe about this video it is said that this woman is feeling sick and because this cat is a real friend of this woman he takes chance to entertain this woman as you can see while this

woman started coughing then this cat also immediately imitate this woman and that portion where this cat imitates the woman gets viral over all the internet so let us know

what is your reaction after watching this video this video was uploaded in Aww cute animals YouTube channel and it has 137k likes.

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