Pitbull messed up with his Owner

In this  Internet world people started using Tik Tok and short reels and it is most entertaining part of 

our life but it it became  more profitable and  entertaining when animals came into the  frame.

in this video you will see  an Indian Pitbull who pranks with people who walks in the street,  but  unfortunately he is owner becomes his  target.

this is the most Indian popular video and you can see it has 1 million likes and probably more than millions views people really give a  brilliant comments.

Pitbull messed up with his Owner

 and finally let’s appreciate this people who brings  and conveyance dangerous dogs like Pitbull to 

come to the frame and film the video however the script was entertaining and the music and audio 

of this video were taken from the movie  which is most popular comedy movie in Bollywood the movie name is Hera Pheri.

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