Pet cat vs Wild Bobcat

We all have seen mostly domestic cat become aggressive they are also flexible they don’t fear for anything but it they are domestic by the way so it is quite difficult for them

when they face wild cat so in this short video you will be looking out how this cat is scared of of this bobcat however this cat is also scared but also ready to fight with this bobcat

but the thing because of that mirror which is in between of this bobcat and domestic cat this pet cat is not worried because however I am going to be saved

Pet cat vs Wild Bobcat

because of this mirror and also she is confidence about her owner who is probably recording the video so nothing else this video as simple and funny video of cat

who is worried and also brave enough to challenge the bobcat so let us know what is your reaction of the watching this video and this video was uploaded in Joern Rodhe YouTube channel and it has 48k likes.

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