Parrot knows how to do lip reading

Parrot are really talented bird in the planets as they live with human beings they get very e friendly with them have really fun stuff with human beings specially e they love to imitate human beings

you can just check out this video where there’s a parrot exactly do lip reading of this girl we just call this as a lip reading because in this video this parrot is not saying anything because

we almost seen all parrots who says exactly what the other human being is saying from the front but this time they are not just catching and imitating the words they can also easily

Parrot knows how to do lip reading

imitate humans action specially in this short video you will be watching this parrot is doing exactly what this girl is doing with her lips this is is completely craziest video and this bird is

really crazy so later so what is your reaction after watching this Birds action this video was uploaded in stella Moon YouTube channel and it has 48k likes I have mentioned this video below you can watch it right now.

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