More than 20% of Americans

More than 20% of Americans  Does Cryptocurrency have a mainstream appeal yet? An NBC news poll shows that 21% of all Americans have used crypto at some point.

Those who have traded, sold, or bought cryptocurrency tokens are included. The news shows how widespread cryptocurrency has become in recent years, and this once niche fiscal option has become mainstream.

More than 20% of Americans Who Said What in the Poll?

As well as this one question, the poll asked how people view crypto.

Twenty-five percent of those polled said they viewed crypto negatively, and 19% said they viewed it positively.

On crypto, the remainder were neutral.

By narrowing the age range, the percentage of those polled who tried crypto increased.

About 49% of men aged 18-49 reported trading crypto at some point.

Cryptocurrency grows

In recent years, the crypto market has grown considerably, penetrating the mainstream and even entering PayPal’s massive platform.

In El Salvador, Bitcoin (BTC) was adopted as one of two national currencies last year (with not very good results, unfortunately), and crypto has become so pervasive that the Chinese government banned it entirely rather than litigate it.

At the beginning of March, President Biden called for a close examination of cryptocurrency in the United States.

Experts believe this could be the first step towards limiting cryptocurrency legislation.

The announcement could also herald the announcement of a new stablecoin backed by the US government.

It is these sorts of issues that the US government has been discussing for over a year and that industry analysts have been warning investors about affecting the market in the near future.

Bitcoin fell 20% for the year last year, but the market has started to recover since then.

Volumes of trade and rates for many cryptocurrencies are higher now than at the beginning of the year, indicating that more people are investing.

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