Look what happened when kitty get’s slap from father

Are you a momma’s boy Yes we all are you can see sometimes what happens we really make some naughtiest stuff and our father don’t like it so with this our father likely slap us or just hit us so that

we must not repeat that again but in the short video you will be looking out the cutest Kitty is getting slapped by his father and

we don’t know why he is getting slapped maybe just for fun reason his father slapped him but after looking this mom’s reaction it is really cute first of all mums ask

why did you hit my child and then father and mom war was started yes this is really cute video and this is always happen in any family nothing new in this

but yes the reaction of this two cats was really adorable to watch.

Look what happened when kitty get’s slap from father

This video is going viral in the YouTube and also it has got 1 million likes and millions of views many users commented on this someone like the mum and says I love how the mom waited for her kitten to get behind her, before she brought the smoke.

And someone blame this fight to this kitten they write like this The kid ruined way when they started fighting
So let us know what is your reaction after watching this video and this video was uploaded in cute pets zone YouTube channel and it has 1.1M likes.

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