Lion daddy is so scary dangerous looks

Attitude is a most important thing in fact we all have different attitude but not every attitude is impactful some looks very innocent and cute and some looks very dangerous.

In this short video, you can see Mr. Lion King is having his  lunch and you can see what is going on few 

Hyenas wants  To  to seal please lunch as we all know hyenas are familiar for food snatching from lion’s plate,

Lion daddy is so scary dangerous looks

but this is not always true because after all king is  king so what happened here?

The king who was having his lunch he just  give a dangerous look which was like our dad is look whenever we ask him for more pocket money e than just he gave this kind of look

however in this short video we want to put rate that lion has  killer looks and that’s why he is is different from another animal this video was uploaded in

Beast tube YouTube channel and let us know what is your reaction in the comment section below

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