Lion dad gets irritated by his family

White lions, yes they are very majestic and beautiful wild animals. And watching them playing with their cubs is even more beautiful. In this video you can see a family of white lions playing with each other in the zoo. The little lion baby plays with his dad and tries to annoy him by getting  around him.

It is very beautiful and cute to see the little babies playing around in the zoo with their parents. Yes, it is really adorable to watch these lions. The white lions can be seen teaching the cubs and playing with them.

Lion dad gets irritated by his family

This video is provided with a context and subtitle that makes it easy to understand what the lions are doing. It is provided by the channel Linda Smit Wildlife Impressions.

This video has been viewed by more than 11 million times and liked by more than 104k viewers. Even though life in the zoo can be restricted, we can see the lions having fun with the family members.

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