Kudu will jump and Finsih the wild Dog

This video is going to be completely different because this video has been different environment and different setup what do you mean by setup we have always same the fight between the animals in jungle’s land

But  despite has been held in river in the centre of the river we don’t know what kind of animal is kudu  many people think it’s a big deer  but definitely not it has different  capacity when compared to deer, 

In this short video it’s quite disturbing video you can see the wild dog is going to be finished because the kudu animal attack

is really really different This animal Will jump and kill the wild dog and this is really dangerous

you can see the wild or friends are not able to help because he is big in size and also dangerous and very aggressive this time

we don’t know what happened to this animal and why this situation was came out but we can definitely say the wild dog is finished.

what do you say about this video and let us know your reaction in the comments section below and this video was uploaded in harsh life of animals YouTube channel and it has 75K  likes.

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