Just I need one sip of these pool says Elephant

what do you do when you feel so much thirsty? definitely drink water or what? exactly ! but sometimes what is not available near by you then what ? definitely to ask and drink from others?

well in this short video  Elephant looks very thirsty or so he may tried for water near by his location but he didn’t find so what else he do?

Just I need one sip of these pool says Elephant

he just look and fetch everything he can see so, he noticed someone is relaxing in pool note he don’t want to harm anybody

he just need a sip of water to make his throat wet so he goes to the swimming pool he didn’t disturb there anyone just went a sip of of the water from pool with the help of his trunk!

really what an amazing attitude this elephants has. what do you think what happened next? hope this elephant finds water near by. 

this video uploaded in Kerry Elise Youtube channel and had more than 30+ millions views  let us know what is your reaction below

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