Is this horse escaping from man’s slavery? Taango!

no one likes slavery we want to live our freedom life we do not want a pressure from anyone we just want to do what we want to like to do but the circumstances are not same  always.

sometimes you live like a king and sometimes you know what we mean in the short video we were just assuming that why does horses running I know this question is not sensible that why this horses running

Is this horse escaping from man’s slavery? Taango!

because horse are meant to run but in this week you we find something different which   shows that this horse   want to

escape from men slavery because what you were goods his horse was given to carry e that is completely destroyed and this horses running or escaping from something  but we are not sure

what is going on actually e but we also know we want everyone to live their freedom life whether that is a human being or that is animal so what do you think about this video let us know your reaction and opinion in the comment section below

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