He Has Kept His Word

He Has Kept His Word  SÃO PAULO, Brazil — “I’m a military captain,” Jair Bolsonaro stated in 2017. “My specialty is killing.”

It’s true what he said. Bolsonaro has overseen an administration that ignores human life for more than three years. Covid-19 kills 660,000 Americans a year – the second most on this planet after the USA.

He undermined vaccination and social distancing throughout the pandemic. According to him, he “didn’t make a single mistake through the pandemic.” So we have to imagine everything went according to plan.

Weapons are next. There have been a series of presidential decrees loosening gun controls. There were 204,300 new gun licenses issued by the federal police in 2018, an increase of 300 percent over last year.

Military permits granted to hunters and collectors have increased by 340 percent. The nation, which had the most homicides on the planet in 2021, has an abundance of guns.

Then there’s planet Earth. The deforestation in the Amazon has reached its highest level in 15 years, thanks in large part to the president dismantling and defunding environmental enforcement agencies. The president isn’t satisfied with his efforts so far.

Bolsonaro wants to push through 5 payments that would take away Indigenous rights, open up the Amazon to rampant profiteering and devastate the environment.

Bolsonaro is rushing to make use of his energy 6 months before an election he’s on target to lose, since the battle in Ukraine is on everyone’s mind.

He seems hellbent on bringing down the world.

Destruction Bundle activists call the suite of payments onerous. We’ll start with the one that overrules the land claims of Indigenous people. Setting a date – Oct. 5, 1988 – the day of the Brazilian Structure’s unveiling

The bill dispossessed Indigenous people who had already been expelled from their ancestral houses by promulgating a bill that they wanted to physically occupy their land.

Approximately 70,000 Indigenous people, or almost 8% of the population, is expected to be affected.

In another invoice, mining will be allowed on Indigenous lands. Brazil should speed up efforts to become self-sufficient in light of disruptions to its access to Russian-supplied fertilizers, Bolsonaro has claimed audaciously.

Although the nation has massive reserves of potassium – an important component of fertilizers – many of these reserves do not lie beneath Indigenous lands. He’s making a typical lame excuse, which is what we’ve come to expect from a guy who visited Vladimir Putin before the invasion of Ukraine, then boasted of preventing it.

Mines have nonetheless been operating in these areas, despite their formal prohibition by the Structure. In 2020, there were excessive numbers of illegal mining operations, mainly from boats and dredges anchored in streams.

Indigenous individuals suffer dire consequences. In 2021, six of 10 individuals in three Munduruku villages tested positive for unsafe levels of mercury in their bodies. Mercury, used in the gold extraction process, is then released, contaminating waterways and fish.

15 percent of the kids under 9 had neurological signs of mercury poisoning.

About 20,000 gold miners work illegally in Yanomami lands.

It looks like the president has emboldened them to intensify attacks on indigenous communities, setting homes on fire and killing Indigenous people with shotguns.

Two Yanomami kids drowned after miners opened fire with guns from speedboats in Might.

Bolsonaro said that in the past, the Brazilian cavalry wasn’t as good because of “the People, who exterminated the Indians previously.”

These two bills – that can legalize logging, industrial agriculture, oil exploration, hydroelectric dams, and other projects on Indigenous lands without even asking their people for their consent – are, to him, a legislative correction.

They amount to a shocking and sustained attack on Indigenous life.

That’ll be enough danger. It doesn’t stop there, though.

Three of them want to ease the environmental licensing requirements for a dozen financial activities, like mining and farming, and four of them want to give amnesty to land grabbers and illegal loggers in the Amazon.

The final of the 5 payments goals to loosen rules on pesticide use, one thing that Mr. Bolsonaro’s administration — which has registered 1,467 pesticides, a lot of them with extremely hazardous components — appears to be particularly eager on.

When taken together, these payments will greatly accelerate the destruction of the Amazon. In the near future, the world’s largest rainforest may reach a tipping point and turn into a savanna.

Those actions will release enormous amounts of greenhouse gases, disrupt water cycles on a regional and maybe even international scale, and significantly reduce our ability to control carbon emissions. Climate change would accelerate at a faster pace if those actions were taken instead. A catastrophe might result.

However, Bolsonaro is likely to get his way.

While hundreds of people have taken to the streets to protest, there appears to be enough congressional support – supported by the powerful agribusiness lobby – to get the payments through. It’s just a matter of time before they become law.

Bolsonaro isn’t even interested in the laws from his point of view. He’s already got stellar results in the discipline of killing people.

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