Gorillas in fighting ring

What was the last fight you have watched ? was it dangerous and funny may be it was dangerous and it was really bad view to watch.

In this video you will find Gorilla gang leaders are fight with each other and they are like in Fighting ring because everybody around watches like that and no one dare to stop them why? 

may be there are actually watching a WWE championship fight or just they don’t bother or they want to enjoy because those gorilla are gang leaders.

Gorillas in fighting ring

whatever the scenario is what do you think about it? let us know ?

and another one thing when we lookout their expression it looks actually a real humans are fighting but at last one big gorilla came and stopped everything, however we don’t support any one to fight like this.

this video was uploaded in Kate nichols Youtube channel and it has 1.1K likes  let us know you are reaction below

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