Gorilla is facing issues after having two wifes

this is family matter fight of Gorillas but we are still involving ourselves because it enjoyable to watch, and yes most important we don’t love violence but we love his entertainment so in this video we found that and that’s reason we are sharing you this.

so what was intresting in this video? the fight? yes and how this fight started we can see the first monkey stepped in and messed with the inside sitting and relaxing monkey wait! is that  husband and wife fight? is that ? then we may stop analyzing it because you know it happens everywher.

Gorilla is facing issues after having two wifes

what could be other story remember here there is one more big Gorilla who came out to sortout this fight. so it it could be like this the big gorilla who is probably looks like male is husband and othe two are his wife and fighting for husband love??

story could be anything we just enjoyed it and let us know what is your reaction on this video? 

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