Girl vs monkey hope the girl is safe

This video comes from zoo and this was already expected because in zoo many people come and they try to challenge this animals because we think they are only for our

entertainment so same happened in this video this girl who just want to record a video she just started acting like monkey E and she challenged The Other monkey who is inside the

cage yes you can watch it clearly Ee this girl has created the mess intentionally because the monkey was having really relaxed time but she challenged is monkey but monkey did not

Girl vs monkey hope the girl is safe

get any chance because Of that mirror wall which was a safeguard for this girl also so let us know what is your opinion on this girls act do you think we should just consider has a funny

moment it or it could be risk in her life you can write your opinion in the comment section below and this video was uploaded in Beast tube YouTube channel and it has 5.2k likes.

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