Forgot the window wiper? then use this Dog tongue

Using wiper  to clean window glasses it is normal and we all do that but what do you know no about this dog this dog cleans Windows glasses with his tongue and it is very e funny to watch

however this dog is thinking something else about this glasses of Windows but we human thinks he his cleaning the glasses.

truth is still  hidden but main part is  dog is enjoying this work so so it is not fair  calling him a mad dog but we can call him a funny dog.

Forgot the window wiper? then use this Dog tongue

You can see his reaction when the video recorder calls him dog be like don’t disturb  me I’m doing my work.

This video was uploaded in viralhog YouTube channel  and this is really a famous YouTube channel and whatever happened in video

it was recorded in portland UK  England what is the reaction of a watching this video? Do you think cleaning window glasses in that way  is really good or it is just for fun

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