Everyone ones to hire this babysitter

Baby sitters really take care of the children  but what if the babysitter is an animal in this short you can watch a baby is crawling towards a dog with no fear.

The dog doesn’t seem to be harmful yet  the parent need to be more protective towards the child because animals behavior  can change violently they need to be careful who they should be around with.

Everyone ones to hire this babysitter

It’s a good thing that a dog is that smart because of that the baby is secure and the dog is taking care of it as a babysitter a well trained dog is good for the whole family but if its not

it would be very dangerous this video is provided by bed and wild therapy it has more than 24 K subscribers and provides similar content of different animals.

Its really cute to see that the baby is happy and the dog is really taking good care of it like a good babysitter you can comment on this video if you want to after watching it.

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