Emergency landing of plane

This emergency landing of plane seems to be dangerous in the internet people claim that this is World War 2 plane and needed sudden landing be cause of

some technical issues but we nesca news don’t say that because World War 2  is  our history and it is a past and

those days this kind of video recording was not available definitely this plane crash is edited or it is somewhere  in really happened but this is not World War 2 plane.

Emergency landing of plane

we are also concerned about the people who are nearby because if this plane gets blast then

it could be more dangerous to those people who are in surroundings and also those fish and big fishes in the river.

we hope this is not real video and everyone are safe this video was uploaded in Dhatta Bhadale

YouTube channel and let us know in the comments section below what is your reaction regarding this video is real or it is a fake video or what is your opinion?

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