Eagle lifted the Deer in air

We all know Eagle is very sharp he flies in the air and also hunt like very very sharply targeting his target from the air high above in the sky in this video you will experience the strength of the eagle you can see this Eagle

directly goes to this deer and he directly lift of the deer in the air probably this Deer must be 20 kg at least and you can see this Eagle is not even 10 kg this but the strength is all about how you divert your mind to focus

Eagle lifted the Deer in air

and to achieve our goal in the same way this eagle had diverted his mind and he went and he captured his target and he lifted the deal in the above in the air  however it’s not like this Eagle had taken him

very highest feat in the sky but he tried his best and it shows that he had the strength to at least lift up the double size of him so we can present this video has that we must have all

the strength in our mind not always in our body so let us know what is your reaction in this video and this video was uploaded in Animal Exploration YouTube channel and it has likes we have mentioned this video below you can play it right now.

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