dog who takes a nap in a style

We all take a power nap! sometimes after your work or sometimes after you become super lazy.

this dog has gained popularity on the internet for his style of taking a power nap it is something crazy to watch.

You may also want to try out this, position like spreading everything you can like my friend,

especially spreading your teeth like that!!!!!!

dog who takes a nap in a style

what’s your style of taking nap? is this power nap making you smile like this! same as this dog in the video? Says EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and takes nap.

wow, how relaxing it is !! is it? check how people react to this.

Best comments on this!

I would give anything to be able to sleep that good where I’m literally smiling while I do it. Lol

He is feeling completely safe & secure to be spread out like that!

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