Does polar bear secretly come for Cookies

Polar bear from somewhere his places  smelt  the   smell of of delicious cookies and what he travelled and came near to the location he smelled the smell of delicious  cookies but how can he reach  to the person who is is preparing this delicious cookies or biscuit idea!

He climbed the  wall and he went to the kitchen but let me tell you he didn’t went through the main door because he secretly wants  the cookies so he  climbs the wall and through kitchens window

Does polar bear secretly come for Cookies

he knocks and  ask for the cookies  so in this video what you have learnt that no matter how far it is no matter how hard it is  work hard for your cookies jokes apart all those sentence

we wrote is  just imaginary story line up and we know this doesn’t make sense so what do you think what could be happen here?

If you know the story please let us know in the comment section below so that others can do it and enjoy the story and as well as enjoy this video.

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