Do cute lions want to bite

Have you ever wondered about touching a lion with your bare hands? In this short video you can see a person playing with the lion when it seems to be relaxing. It looks harmless but playing with the lion while it is relaxing is very scary and dangerous. This person seems to be well known to the lion so he is taking a cute video of him petting the lion which can be looked at in an adorable way.

He starts from the bottom to the top of its mouth and plays with it. Although this can seem to be fun and adorable, it is dangerous as well if the person is not known or not well trained.

Do cute lions want to bite

This video is taken from the channel called funny animals. This channel contains similar kinds of videos which includes babies of different animals.

Playing with baby animals is cute but playing with a lion can be dangerous if you are not well trained or the animal is not well trained. The video is cute to watch and fun to see  when the person is playing with the king of the Jungle with his hands.

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