Deer Escape and rocks cheetah shocks

Whoa..Did you see that? In this video you can see that a cheetah has captured an Impala yet it tries to escape from it.

The impala was so clever and smart. This short video is going viral on the internet. You can see the Impala is so smart that it acted like it got brutally injured.

And the next second it ran like anything. By the looks of it the impala was captured and it had stayed its ground until it was sure that it was the time to escape.

Deer Escape and rocks cheetah shocks

Really the Impala is fearless and quick to respond. The end of it you can see that the cheetah has captured by its neck and still it was standing.

The Impala had a great integrity which can be a saving factor for any animal. This video was published by lion:-wild king and has been viewed more than 5 million times.

you can watch this video on this channel and like and comment on it if it finds you interesting. it was quick that it will leave you amazed

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