cruel act against this cat

We all want to have fun in life because of that we try to find fun in our life and that could be anything Basically fun starts with our toys and also so many things like internet and games

and also entertainment is another way to have fun in our life but they are few people who performed some kind of act with animals for their fun and it will completely shows the

cruelty at against the any kind of animal just like in this small video you can see this person are trying to record a video but it actually forcing a cat to to pick up something from the

cruel act against this cat

ground according to the sources we have this cat actually unintentionally thrown that box from the cupboard but still this is really cruel but they later pickuped themselves and released the cat to play.

Let us know what is your reaction of the watching this video what do you think is this the cruel act it is just for fun let us know your opinion in the comment section below this video was uploaded in Mittens YouTube channel and it has 98k likes.

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