Caixa pays Aid Brasil
Caixa pays Aid Brasil  Caixa Econômica Federal today (29) pays the February installment of Auxílio Brasil to beneficiaries with a Social Registration Number (NIS) ending in 8.
The minimum benefit amount is R$ 400. The dates follow the Bolsa model. Family, who paid on the last ten working days of the month.

The beneficiary will be able to consult information on payment dates, benefit amount and composition of installments in two applications: Auxílio Brasil, developed for the social program, and Caixa Tem, used to monitor the bank’s digital savings accounts.

Currently, 17.5 million families are served by the program. At the beginning of the year, 3 million were included.

The law that created the program defined that the woman responsible for the family will have preference, as well as victims of domestic violence.

Caixa pays Aid Brasil Basic benefits

Auxílio Brasil has three basic benefits and six supplementary benefits, which can be added if the beneficiary gets a job or has a child who excels in sports, scientific and academic competitions.

Through Auxilio Brasil, cash welfare payments to poor families in Brazil would double to 400 reais ($71.90) monthly, and 17 million families would be helped.
Abolishes the previous program, what was called Bolsa Familia for two decades, the mainstay of the Workers Party, now in opposition, and its leader Lula da Silva.
Bolsonaro, who launched Bolsa Familia (to end hunger in Brazil and collect poor families’ political support), says Bolsa Familia is needed to help low income Brazilians whose lives have been adversely affected by the Covid19 pandemic, and to increase his chances of winning re-election next October.
Three hundred forty-four votes were cast in favor of the Auxilio Brasil legislation. Earlier in the month, the Brazilian congress passed a constitutional amendment granting the government the right to ignore a spending cap, thereby financing social welfare payments.

Families with a per capita income of up to R$100, considered to be in extreme poverty, and up to R$200, in a condition of poverty, can receive the benefit.

THE Brazil Agency elaborated Q&A guide on the Aid Brazil. Among the doubts that the beneficiary can ask are criteria for integrating the social program, nine different types of benefits and what happened with Bolsa Família and emergency aid, which were in force until October last year.

This month, there is no payment of Auxílio Gás, which benefits 5.5 million families until the end of 2026. The benefit, which is equivalent to 50% of the average price of a 13-kilogram cylinder, is only paid every two months and will return in April.

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