Brown hyena makes cheetah to bow head

What kind of creepiest stuff people want to try and in this trying kind of mindset people  harm themselves.  Really day by day  world is trying to act like an idiot.

Just seen this video how idiotic this man is doing maybe he just want to climb the cage and  take selfie interm he wanted to disturb the lion.

Brown hyena makes cheetah to bow head

so here we cannot blame the lion becaue the fault done by man is clearly visible which we need admit, so don’t be so foolish 

and foolish are those people who are just not trying to save this peroson

so in this  perspective we can say may be this a trick of that man or he is alreay friendly with lion in the cage and he is playing with lion orelse we can admit that today’s hard reality people want to capture everything but not to save or help them who are in trouble 

so you don’t do that.

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