brotherhood to save each other from big lizard

Imagine you are playing with your brother in your playground and some stranger comes and disturb 

you and what will be your reaction you may probably Run from there or if you are there in a you may 

start  fighting with that stranger but here the stranger is really different this time the Komodo dragon the big lizard  has arrived and you know our boys the two brothers Who are really a great dog has no 

brotherhood to save each other from big lizard

fear and welcomes the monster first and slowly start working on the monster lizard but   as we said this 

Monster lizard is quite different and also we must mention that this lizard it is dangerous to you can see  

how easily he just shake his tail  in order through the dog outside of park.  But side by side other dog is not giving up 

which shows he supports his dog friend well this is true brotherhood we can see in internet today.

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