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The most wonderful thing that can happen in life is seeing your parents enjoying your

success whether you cannot give so many things but even a small success of yours is so much to your parents.

 In  this world we all admire our parents not mother comes first and not father comes first we divide the love equally to them 

we may grown up but we are still kid in front of our parents Eyes 

in this video look at the most admirable movement of son  who is is ready to give a ride in his brand new sports car 

but let me tell you  the front seat of his car is reserved not for his girlfriend but it it is reserved for his dad yes Dad are the man who sacrifice everything for us

now it’s time to to return them what we got from our parents check out this video 

And also read people’s reaction on this video and also we wish someday you will also give this 

kind of happiness which can be any thing to your dad or if your already giving or doing then we are proud of you my friend.

Fews most lovable comment

That was a really nice thing to do. From your posts I can see how much you all love that man who was there from day one.

Noone can ever replace that. But you have beautiful memories to think about all day , all night ❤️

That was sweet, im a Corvette fanatic since i was 12 yrs old seeing them in the Suburbs on my way to pickup my mom from work in Illinois.

My son in law has one and i love when i get to take a ride in it and im 62. Its been my dream car the stingrays in the 70’s..

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