Bird is perfectly imitating

Parrots are really cute they give their best whenever they want to imitate specially the imitate then who are very friendly to them and that’s really obvious still if you are not

friendly to any kind of animal then it’s very bad and they will never listen to you so in this short video you will be watching this bird and this girl has really good bonding with each

other and when this girl was performing some kind of craziest act with that pen then this bird also automatically starts imitating this girl so which is really amazing to watch because

parrot fun

they are really funny and they are going viral in the internet because of their craziest act and the parrot especially e who is very adorable to watch so let us know what is your

reaction after watching this video this video was uploaded in stella moon YouTube channel and it has 173k likes you can come and down in the comments section what do you think about this video.

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