astronauts started having fun in space

In this special video we will see how astronauts enjoy when they want to relax however you might think enjoying in space is

different yes my friend this is totally different you don’t have to go the park or else drive for a longer distance.

Having fun in space is very different because you cannot have the same gravity which you have in

Earth  which means you are flying and playing the football you are flying and singing you are flying in the air and you are dancing here the experience is quite different

astronauts started having fun in space

you will be looking in this video how this astronauts enjoy the life in the space you must be schoked  after watching this video

because they are really enjoying the picnic or  free time In space Style

do you like this want to try this? But first you need to get astronaut degree but we may be not going there

because it is really rare but we can experience and enjoy it with them so let us know the comment section what do you feel about it.

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