A hand-to-hand battle between buffalo

We all know the lion is really a great hunter lion has really great vision and power while hunting but in this video you can see a big buffalo comes with speed and attack this lioness but wait it looks like ok this is something fighting ring because you can see inside those grasses they are so many lioness  maybe it’s like a fighting ring and they are audience of this show.

A hand-to-hand battle between buffalo

But actually things quotes will different you can see here buffelo is running even though there are so many lion sitting there but they are not coming out and one more thing is Buffalo is fully strong we can see he is fully focus to attack or to win lioness however we don’t know what happened next baby probably this lion got winning champion winning or everyone finished this Buffalo what do you think what is your reaction on this let us know in the comments section below this video was uploaded in Animals in the world YouTube channel and it has 21 likes and we have mentioned this video below you can watch it clearly what whatever we have described in this paragraph.

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