3 cute baby elephants playing with mud

Yes this is hot and happening summer but do you know how to protect yourself and keep yourself cool in the summer, ok let’s take the idea from these three little ones

they are three little elephants that are going viral on the internet as you know elephants like to keep themselves cool there use their  trunks  to absorb the water  and give showers to their friends

but here you find themselves they are playing with red mud and you know what is the reason this makes them to stay cool in this summer so do you want to try? 

well jokes apart in this summer you need to be very hydrated and take care yourself till then enjoy this video mentioned below.

3 cute baby elephants playing with mud

Elephants love Mud! It helps them to cool off and protects their skin from the hot sun. It is also just plain slippery fun!

Especially for these three baby elephants, Wan Mai, Pyi Mai, and Chaba. So adorable, their enjoyment is also ours at Elephant Nature Park. Which one do you prefer?

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